Having a CPA to work with is NOT expensive. In fact, it may cost you more by NOT working with one.” 

RCW Tax Services, LLC

Roberta generally serves as a long-term trusted advisor, assisting on a variety of financial matters beyond annual tax return preparation. .As a licensed CPA, Roberta is required to complete 120 hours of continuing education training, including four hours of Ethics training, every three years. This enables her to stay current on the latest tax law changes and how they may affect you and your business.  Also, as a Licensed CPA, she adheres to the CPA Code of Professional Conduct set forth by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, as well as the IRS Ethics Standards.Having a trusted professional to work with assures you peace of mind and a comfort zone that is solid.

The Value of a CPA Really Adds Up

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• Individual Tax Return

   Preparation & Planning

• Estate & Trust Returns

• Preparation & planning

• Administering an Estate or Trust

• Business Tax Preparation: 
   1120, 1120s & 1065 

• Accounting, Payroll & Sales Taxes

• Quick Books Consulting

Roberta Calabrese Wajrowski, CPA